Products we carry:                                                                                   

  • Clay from Trinity, Armadillo, and Flint Hills
  • Ceramic Bisque Ware
  • Ceramic SlipMayco Glazes
  •  Paints, and Brushes-20% off for schools
  • Kemper Tools-20% off for schools
  • Paragon Kilns and Kiln PartsKiln Repair
  • Potters Choice Amaco Glazes
  • Pottery Wheels from Robert Brent and Creative Industries
  • An Assortment of Pottery Books and Magazines


Prices for Trinity Clay:  (White Modeling, Terra Cotta, Cone 6 Stoneware, and White Stoneware) 

  • $14.00 for 25 lbs

  • $260 for 500 lbs

  • $480 for 1000 lbs

Prices for Porcelain Clay: $14 for 25 lbs

We also carry Red Earthenware, Longhorn Red, Cino Rojo, Black and Dillo White.  All are $14 for 25 lbs.  No price break..

The House of Clay